By joining Acre+, you're taking a stand for the future of our planet by committing to the protection of our planet's most vital ecosystems every month.  For less than a few cups of coffee, you can be a part of the change the world so desperately needs right now.  Choose from one of four tier levels for your commitment and join us in the fight to save our rainforests!

  • Plant Advocate - $10 (1 Acre Saved + 1 Tree Planted)
  • Tree Lover - $20 (2 Acres Saved + 2 Trees Planted)
  • Earth Warrior - $40 (5 Acres Saved + 5 Trees Planted)

Aside from the environmental impact that your contributions make, 30% of all Acre+ subscriptions also go directly to the indigenous communities that we work with to provide additional support for food and medical care.

We created Acre+ for all those that want to support our mission in an even more impactful way over and beyond just purchasing an OMA bracelet.

By becoming a member, you're not only helping to protect the world's most vital ecosystems as well as all of the amazing species that call it home, you're also directly supporting the indigenous communities we work with, who are under the constant threat of exploitation from corporate and governmental entities.






  • Rainforest Trust is one of the highest rated organizations working to protect tropical ecosystems worldwide. They work by partnering with local and community organizations in and around the areas that are being threatened. After the acres of endangered land are purchased, they are titled to the local communities, who are empowered to help protect it through education, training and employment.

  • One Tree Planted is one of the top tree planting organizations that thoroughly vets out every project, insuring an 80-90% survival rate for all trees planted. Trees are planted all over the world in areas that are in most need of support, insuring that the maximum amount of impact coverage is attained.

"We do inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

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