From the Earth, For The Earth.

 Our first-of-its-kind OMA bracelet is made entirely of organic materials, making it 100% biodegradable.  The beads are made from Tagua, a nut that grows on palms trees in the Amazon, and is often referred to as "eco-ivory" for the way that it resembles elephant ivory in look and feel, but provides an eco-friendly alternative to the barbaric ivory trade.  Chambira is the natural palm fiber that is used in the making of our string, and is harvested, processed, and dyed by hand by our indigenous artisan partners.  Both of these materials are regenerative, meaning no trees have to be cut down to harvest them, and they will continue to just regenerate on their own.

Biodegradable. Zero-Waste. Vegan.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

As a business, you can't talk about saving the planet without addressing the impact that shipping your products has on the environment, so we've upped our commitment to sustainability even more by partnering with Sendle, a 100% carbon neutral delivery service.  Sendle works by investing a portion of the proceeds from every shipment into conservation projects that champion carbon sequestration, thus completely offsetting the impact of any carbon emissions from the delivery of your goods.  Sure, it costs us a little extra, but we feel better knowing that we've literally covered ALL the bases when it comes to the impact that every OMA bracelet sold has on the planet.