Crisis and Opportunity in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Before the Covid-19 lockdowns hit, Ecuador was already struggling politically, socially, and economically. In the Covid era, Ecuador is facing even more challenges from a triple whammy of Covid deaths, rock-bottom oil prices, and extreme flooding that culminated in the...
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How We Can Prevent A Sixth Mass Extinction

What is extinction? According to Eniscuola, extinction is an evolutive process that results in the complete eradication of certain species or populations. When something is extinct, it is gone for good. Since the dawn of time, the earth has seen...
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6 Reasons Why Nature Makes You Feel So Good

The Covid-19 lockdown had all sorts of unforeseen consequences—some positive, most negative. Gardening skyrocketed, but so did rates of stress, substance abuse, and suicide. There are many reasons for those unfortunate upticks. But here’s one reason you may not have...
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